May 23, 2005

Concert goers can display text messages at gigs

clayaiken.gif Anyone who's been to a pop concert lately has noticed that fans hold their mobile phones up in the air like a previous generation did with cigarette lighters. Beginning with the summer Clay Aiken tour, audiences can do a lot more with their phone than just wave it. Reuters reports.

"Large screens in each venue on the tour will offer audiences a way to display text messages for all to see. There also will be a call-in number for purchasing a variety of official merchandise (If I was the musician or rock group, I would find this whole concept annoying, the public will have their heads down the whole time, text messaging and buying stuff instead of enjoying the concert)

“You see something you like, and we deliver it to your home,” Boomerang Mobile Media founder and CEO Glenn Field said. “These are exclusive items purchased through the security of your phone, and the day it should have arrived you'll get a follow-up phone call to confirm you received it.”

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