May 18, 2005

Text Messaging Injuries (TMI) on the rise

Orthopaedicians and Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) experts the world over are reporting an increasing incidence of overuse syndrome, primarily Text Messaging Injuries (TMI), among the hitech generation, reports The Times of India.

"In Bangalore everal youngsters have been noticed sporting casts on their thumbs, to restrict use while being treated for TMI.

How serious?

It seems quite grave. In fact, the American Society of Hand Therapists (ASHT) has issued a consumer alert cautioning that overuse of handheld wireless devices can lead to overuse syndrome. The society has stated that handheld electronics are causing an increasing number of carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis cases.

How do such injuries manifest?

It usually starts with pain in the thumb, wrist or forearm. Says Jajoo, "People can experience swelling in the thumb, wrist or forearm. There could be difficulty with fine movements of the thumb, a lump kind of feeling in some muscles or discomfort, numbness or burning."

Getting help:

TMI can be treated. "We treat TMI by myotherapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial releases and soft tissue and articular mobilisation techniques, along with home stretching and technique analysis and re-training," says Dr Sharan.

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