May 13, 2005

MIT Gizmo defends against cellphone chatter

0505nmit01.jpg Another isolation from clel phone chatter idea, this time by Limor Fried a graduate student at the MIT Media Laboratory. [via IEEE Spectrum via mobile|].

"She calls it the "the Wave Bubble" because it creates a cellphone-free bubble of silence 4 meters in diameter. It does so by jamming the phones' radio-frequency bands with a junk signal of a few milliwatts.

Fried made the Wave Bubble for her master's thesis, "Social Defense Mechanisms: Tools for Reclaiming Our Personal Space," which argues that electronic devices increasingly distract and annoy people and that the electronics industry has had little incentive to address the problem. She concludes that citizens must therefore explore methods of self-defense.

Fried says she isn't sure that the FCC rules forbid her from building her own jammer. In any case, she says, the rules say nothing against documenting in detail how to make one, as she has done, at (13.6 mb download).

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