May 9, 2005

Nokia launches "Sensor"

s001_desktop.jpg Chris Heathcote reports on his blog anti-mega, that Nokia - who he works for but this is not a project he's collaborated on - has just launched Nokia Sensor, an application that uses Bluetooth technology for spontaneous, sociable interaction.

With Nokia Sensor you can create your own personal pages - called a folio - on your phone. Then you can check out the folios of other Sensor users nearby, exchange messages, and share files.

When other Sensor phones come within this circle, your phone can 'sense' them and you can see their folios and send them messages. As soon as you step out of each other's circles, you are no longer able to communicate via Sensor.

It's a commercial release of a lot of things I think are important - small groups, local interactions and situatedness. It's also got some really nice iconography, graphic design and interaction design." says Chris Heathcote.

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