May 6, 2005

Your phone is calling your car

web.0505catrech.jpg With a new technology, a mobile phone's internal directory and call logs are displayed on a car's dashboard. [via NY Times via MSNBC and ].

"Radio-frequency wireless connections in cars through a technology known as Bluetooth have been around for about three years, but this new level of connectivity--where the phone's internal directory and call logs are displayed on the car's dashboard--is new.

At the moment, you can find it only in 2005 Audi A6 and A8 models, and only if you use certain phones, including PalmOne's popular Treo 650 PDA phone.

But this initial cooperation, followed by a broadening of the Bluetooth standard and continued development in automotive technology, promise a future where most cars and most phones work together in wireless harmony.

"Over 20 carmakers--including over 30 2005 models--offer factory-installed Bluetooth options," said Michael Foley, executive director of the Bluetooth special interest group".

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