February 24, 2005

Wind-Powered Cell Phones

Students at the Indian Institute of Technology have developed a pocket-sized turbine that attaches to your cellphone to charge it, reports Gizmodo.

"Best suited for use in costal areas with near-constant wind flow or long talks with your mother, the device can also be used during travel as long as you set it up against the wind.

The idea is to allow mobile users to charge and continue using their phone when they're away from electricity".

That would be fabulous, because in many developping nations, recharging cell phones is a real problem:

-- Five mile walk to recharge phones - "People from Ciosa, in Bistrita Nasaud county, are buying phones even though they have never had electricity in their village. Their network signal is good but they have to walk to the next village to recharge their phone batteries."

-- Mobile power - According to Rory Stear from Freeplay Energy, a company that develops and sells 'wind-up' energy generators, Kenya has 30 million people and three million cell phone users - but only 200,000 households that have electricity," he says.

"People mail their mobile phones to relatives with electricity at home just to recharge them...

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