February 22, 2005

Some Nokia history

_40584123_handset203_nokia.jpg Wonderful Nokia history in Duncan Bartlett's article for the BBC on Nokia's battle to stay world's number one

-- Fredrik Idestam set up business on the banks of the river Nokia in Southern Finland in 1865 and the firm started by making items such as toilet paper and rubber boots.

-- The company started to concentrate on electronics in the 1980s.

-- Nokia launched its first mobile phone, the Talkman, in 1984.

-- Nokia sold more than 200 million phones in 2004.

The extremely rapid growth in business for Nokia in the past few years has been a result of many people buying mobile phones for the first time.

And there are still millions of people in Africa, India, China and elsewhere who long for their first phone, which Nokia wants to sell to them.

However, in other countries such as Britain, 90% of people have already got a mobile - so to grow its business Nokia must persuade them to replace their kit with something more sophisticated.

"Perhaps it just goes to show that in business, strange things happen - like a rubber boot maker becoming mobile phone company number one".

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