January 2, 2005

Roundup of tsunami relief SMS fund raising campaigns around the world

LAST UPDATE January 25. Because the list keeps getting longer and longer, here is a roundup of links to articles on tsunami relief SMS fund raising campaigns around the world - read about so far.

Participating countries include Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Italy, The UK Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Belgium Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and the USA.

-- UK: SMS tsunami donations reach £1m

-- Boost Mobile Ringtones for Tsunami Relief

-- Tsunami 2005: Greece - SMS donations

-- Bell Canada offers ringtones for Tsunami Relief

-- Who Gets Mobile Giving?

-- Ringtone Provider offers charity ringtones only

-- Sharing the grief of victims

-- Australia. Pledges to the tune of $15m

-- Spanish Tsunami SMS Campaign raises $5.9 million in 2 days

-- Netherlands raises 2.2 million in in Tsunami SMS campaign

-- Korean Mobile Carriers Raise Fund for Tsunami

-- Cingular Wireless to use text messaging to attract tsunami-relief donations

-- SMS donation campaign mainly for orphans and children

-- SMS message VAT revenues could go to tsunami-hit Asia

-- «Tsunami Aid Ringtones»

-- UK Relief tasks for text messaging

-- Swiss and Brussels Airline mile gifts now to be given in SMS text messages

-- Czech charity ADRA raises 500,000

-- SMS for an SOS: Beware of charges, deductions

-- Cellphones Help With Disaster Relief

-- French and Malaysian fund raising campaigns by SMS

-- Tsunami Relief SMS Donations [contd]

-- SMS donors give $20m

-- European text messagers raise millions for Asian tsunami victims

-- More "SMS to donate" campaigns

-- SMS donations to tsunami victims

-- Ericsson using SMS Technology to aid Donations

-- Mobile Bridges sets up SMS to donate

-- SMS The Singapore Red Cross

-- Other (unrelated to tsunamis) fund raising campaigns by SMS

-- Links to all Tsunami/cell phone stories posted in Textually.org.

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