December 9, 2004

SMS shorthand is annoying: Official

06_1274_04.jpg Nearly half of mobile phone users want a guide on 'text etiquette', a study by research company YouGov has found, reports PThe Register.

"The study, carried out for predictive text software provider Tegic Communications, shows that:

-- Text shorthand is not popular, the survey found, and is only used by 13 per cent of all mobile users, but 23 per cent of 18-29 year olds admit to using it.

-- 54 per cent of respondents said that messages in shorthand were "difficult to understand".

-- 56 per cent of those surveyed have wished someone a merry Christmas via SMS. 70 per cent have used text to say 'happy birthday'.

-- Women are more prolific than men, with 46 per cent admitting to gossiping using SMS compared to 34 per cent of men.

-- Women send 19 text messages a week compared to men's 15.

-- 7 per cent of employees surveyed used a text message to say that they would be late, and seven per cent have 'texted in sick'.

-- The study also found that predictive text input software is popular, with 41 per cent of 18-29 year olds who use the software saying they couldn't do without it.


-- T9 Predicts Euro Speak - Predictive text, T9, in it's latest version allows for Euro speak. Mixing languages in the same sentence.

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