October 23, 2004

Lie detectors for cellphones

0930-trustech-usohakken.36F[1].jpg Régine for Popgadget blogs about a polygraph which can analyze a speaker's mental state, indicating whether a person tells the truth, tries to "outsmart" you, is "highly" excited or just telling plain lies.

The Truster plugs into a phone - cellular or land-line - or a TV and can spot deceivers, even if they speak a foreign language. It is claimed to be 85% accurate and displays results by means of an apple icon. If the person is telling the truth, a whole apple appears on the screen, if s/he is evasive, the apple looks half-eaten. via Japan Today.

Related articles:

-- Mobile phones as lie detectors - KTF, a Korean wireless service provider, launched a service in August of this year, that detects emotions in a speaker's voice.

-- A lie dectector for mobile phones - Mobile-phone software developer AgileMobile.com announced last year it was developing a lie detector application designed for advanced smart phones. It's a real-time program that measures stress caused by lying in a person's voice and then displays the information via a graph on the users' mobile screen.

-- Nokia smartphones as lie detectors - A new application from AgileMobile.com for smartphones such as the Nokia 7650, 3650 and 6600, turns these into portable lie detectors. The company behind it says it's for entertaiment purposes only

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