October 21, 2004

The Bluetooth shopping centre

3305_05_tn.jpg A new location-based Bluetooth customer service system will begin operation later this week in Sydney, according to Gizmo.

"The bluepulse system enables people within the shopping centre to use their mobile phones to get useful information they want about their surroundings.

The Broadway Shopping Centre in central Sydney will become the first Bluetooth-enabled shopping centre allowing retail outlets in the Broadway Centre to communicate with 'bluepulse' subscribers as they walk through the centre by giving consumers access to relevant and valuable information and offers through their mobile phone."

"To the consumer it's about the usefulness of the content and with geographic relevance comes a new level of compelling and useful even critical content. At the sports stadium it might be an action replay, or at a festival or concert it might be the schedule, finding friends in the crowd.

"Because we have greater bandwidth than 3G, we can wirelessly deliver file sizes a lot larger than you can deliver by MMS - ringtones and logos will be part of the offering as we go forward.

Hoyts will be providing streaming video previews of movies being shown in the centre's cinema and there's plenty of opportunity for movie theatres to use this type of technology to sell vacant seats too."

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