October 5, 2004

Better living through technology

Townandt1950_00023000.jpg Anne Galloway from Purse Lip Jaw looks back at the hype surrounding the first telephones, documented by films and stills from Vocational Guidance Films.

Telephone and Telegraph 1946 - Shows the similarity of jobs in the telephone industry with that of telegraph work.

Communications and Our Town 1947 - A telephone technician explains to two young boys how different types of communication foster links and interdependence between people.

The Nation at Your Fingertips 1951 - How direct long distance dialing made the U.S. a smaller place, and how instantaneous direct communication between Americans without operator assistance became possible.

Once upon a honeymoon 1956 - Delightful musical made to promote color telephones as a decorator accessory in the home.

The Town and the Telephone Late 1950s - Employee orientation film for telephone company workers explaining structure and corporate values of the Bell System. With excellent footage of communications workers and everyday life, in Technicolor.

21 Century Calling 1964 - Romp through the futuristic landscape of the Seattle World's Fair, centered in the Bell System pavilion.

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