August 23, 2004

Virtual Girlfriend on your Mobile Phone

story.virtual.girl.jpg Programmers in Hong Kong have created an online dating game featuring a cyber dream girl that can be wooed and won via a 3G phone, reports The Washington Times and CNN.

"The user can send her chocolates or a diamond ring, and carry on conversations by text messaging, the South China Morning Post reported Monday. There is no cyber-sex, however.

The girl's responses have been programmed to react to contexts, key words and situations to approximate natural dialogue.

Artificial Life, producer of the game, plans to work with 3G providers and launch subscriptions for the game in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Britain and Germany by November, the paper said. A virtual boyfriend will come out in January.

Dominic T.S. Lee, professor of psychiatry at Chinese University, warned of the game's possible negative impact. It would be dangerous if people got excited by these electronic experiences and tried to transplant them into real life. In vulnerable personalities who can't develop a relationship with a woman, that could develop into something voyeuristic or even dangerous, he said.

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