August 16, 2004

Mobile Mobile Cell Phone Charging Station

mobilemobile.jpg Krista Winters and Matt Chick are offering emergency cell phone charges in New York City, outside of the Virgin Records in Union Square, reports POPGADGET (a fabulous blog - just pointed out by Régine of near near future - "POPGADGET: Personal Tech for Women. Gadgets, Culture, General Neophilia. For and by women")

Winters' and Chick's business, called Mobile Mobile, charges $.50 a minute for use of their giant battery and a compatible power adapter. You can also charge up other portables, like your iPod.

Related articles on some fun Mobile portable chargers:

-- Sidewinder Charger - A hand-cranked charger that needs no other power source. Two minutes of winding will give you six minutes of talk time but you can keep cranking until your hand gives out or you lose interest in the conversation. via POPGADGET

-- A portable solar bag to recharge cell phone batteries -Twenty one year-old Swiss born Markus Gisler, has invented a portable solar bag called the "Sunny Walker, which recharges cell phone batteries as well as batteries for other mobile devices such as PDAs, gameboys, video cameras,

-- A cell phone charger for Howard Hughes and Michael Jackson! - Crystal manufacturer Yoosung Global, has developed a mobile-phone charger with a sterilization function, the first of its kind in the world, as well as lamp and air-purifying capabilities.

-- GoGoPower Wind-Up Device Charges Mobile Phones - Made by Japanese technology company Fuso Rikaseihin, it's a a wind-up mobile phone charger which gives you an extra 20 minutes of power. It takes 5 minutes to wind it up though.

-- Instant Power for your cell phone battery - Roughly the size of a match book, weighing less than an ounce and selling for an average of $7, Cellboost plugs directly into the cell phone's charging port (no cords or adapters are needed) and delivers an average of 60 minutes of talk time / 60 hours of standby time.

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