July 22, 2004

First bilingual short story book written in SMS-shorthand

frayeurs.jpgPhil Marso, author and Independent Editor of Megacom-ik publishing, has recently launched the first bilingual SMS title called «Frayeurs SMS» («SMS Frights»), a collection of 6 short stories which appear in French on the left hand side of the book and in English on the right hand pages.

According to Phil Marso, "reading SMS is a good way to learn a new language".

This same author previously published (January 2004), the first book entirely written in French text messaging shorthand, called «Pas Sage a Taba». A play on words meant to discourage 12 to 15 year-olds from smoking cigarettes.

Of note, according to Radioactif (in French), and which makes no sense what-so-ever, the author of these books, Phil Marso, prides himself in having never used a cell phone in his life and is the instigator of the "World Without Cell phones Day".

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