July 19, 2004

Send SMS to the Virtual User

ktf_virtualuser.jpg KTF launches a new service allowing users to send SMS to a virtual user and to receive appropriate responses chosen from the company's large data base.

"KTF expects the virtual user will evolve to a comprehensive information service providing useful information such as biorhythm, stock prices, English vocabulary and postal codes", reports Telecoms Korea.

The article doesn't say more than that, which make it sounds pretty much like an automated response service which is not that unusual, but it reminds of this, from a while back:

"In early 2002, wireless technology company, Link77, specializing in the development and operation of innovative mobile services, launched an SMS Chatterbot* called NataChata, a sophisticated text chat application for adults, based on Artificial Intelligence, enabling users to engage in provocative and sex texting... with a bot.

Other SMS chatterbots were then developed by Link77 aimed at children -- to educate and inform them about mobile usage, and for teenagers -- allowing them to enjoy in flirtatious and gossipy chats. cf Texting with Chatterbots.

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