July 8, 2004

Mobile communications: a force for the renaissance of newspapers

Every publisher can make money from mobile, quickly and with little investment. That is the key conclusion of a new report, "The Mobile Opportunity," from the Shaping the Future of the Newspaper project of the World Association of Newspapers, via Journalism.co.uk

"'The mobile opportunity' outlines more than 50 ways that publishers can use mobile phones. Suggestions include sports results updates, a service that allows readers to book classified advertising through their phone and SMS news alerts by keyword - such as 'Beckham' or 'diabetes'.

"Mobile communications have been described as a force for the renaissance of newspapers," said the report.

"This new media revolution heralds an opportunity to develop more secure relationships with readers and advertisers, develop new revenue streams in media consumption and communication, and provide back-of-house operational efficiencies within the newspaper industry."

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