June 13, 2004

Philippine Senators to oppose texting tax

Senator Joker Arroyo warned that he and fellow members of the so-called Wednesday Group in the Senate will oppose any Malacaņang bid to tax mobile phone users for text messaging, reports inq7.net.

"The Palace is considering the tax measure to raise much needed funds to address the government's ballooning budget deficit and to reduce its debt load.

Arroyo said that the lower-income classes have not been able to available of the telephone system since its introduction more than 100 years ago until the advent of wireless technology. This technology, he said, brought the cellular phone to everyone.

"Taxation is a form of wealth redistribution," Senator Arroyo said. "Texting has become the great equalizer."

While the rich can afford any tax on texting, he said, this was not so for the poor who use it as "their form of escape or entertainment."

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