June 7, 2004

Big Brother Technology for Employee Cell Phones

wt_phn-map_2.jpg The Chicago Daily Herald reports on mobile services devoted to tracking employees.

One such system, WorkTrack, "is sold to employers who want to automate and verify digital time-logs of their workers in the field". In the company's own words: We offer real-time job, time and location management of your mobile workforce.

"Workers have cell phones equipped with GPS that pinpoint their locations to computers in the back office. Their peregrinations can be checked against the "Geo Fence" that employers draw up.

"It they're not in the right area, they're really not working," says Aligo CEO Robert Smith. "A notification will come to the back office that they're not where they should be.

The system also tracks how fast the workers drive, so the employer can verify to insurance companies that no one is speeding.

Smith says that workers like the technology because it ensures they get credit for the time they spend on the job." Sure.

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