June 1, 2004

Hooking Up - Technodetermist Sex?

teenagerstalk.jpg Are cell phones and SMS responsible for new sex habits among American teens? Or are teens simply exercising their hormonal proclivities by any means necessary? Rushkoff ponders about this in an entertaining way in his journal in TheFeature.com.

"An article in this week's NY Times Magazine reveals what many of us have known about America's teens for the past decade: they're having sex, but with out the "bother" of relationships. They simply hang out in groups and, when they want sex, they find one of their "friends with benefits" and then "hook-up."

That most of these hookups seem to happen after a bit of SMS requires that we wonder, however, if there's a bit technology at work here, reconfiguring age-old sexual practices.

[...] While I can't help but wonder what it might have been like to solicit - and achieve - sexual union when I was 15 through a six-word message to a "friend with benefits," I also wonder if these reductionist, no-frills hook-ups, intentionally unencumbered by any other emotional content, will lead to a new spirit of sexual liberation, or commodify intimacy even further than our marketers have. Content with no context.

I mean, is sex the medium or the message?"

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