May 19, 2004

SMSes recovered from SIM in murder trial

boingboing reports that a Swedish cult-leader implicated in serial murders is in trouble because of the damning, deleted SMSes recovered off his mobile-phone's SIM.

"The case has been creating headlines for months in the Scandinavian media and the latest thrilling development is that computer forensic company Ibas has been able to recover 13 of the messages from the SIM card in the nanny's mobile".

Other reported incidents where text messages were used as evidence:

-- SMS used in alibi and as evidence

-- Jury is handed SMS evidence in murder trial

- -- SMS was used as evidence in a criminal investigation in Durham North Carolina, cf Cellphone records help police in murder case.

-- In Norway, a Murder predicted in text message.

-- In Norway, a rapist's messages led to conviction.

-- In Italy, text messaging is now commonly used as evidence in divorce suits. cf Cell phones exposing more cheating spouses.

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