March 29, 2004

Big mother is watching so get off that phone

The parents of mobile-mad teenagers may soon be able to use the internet to curb their children's excessive texting and chatting - and the phone bills that go with it, reports

"The new technology, which lets parents block calls to and from their child's phone, has been launched in the US and is sparking interest from Australian mobile phone service providers.

Known as Mobile Guardian, the software allows parents to control phone settings over the internet. They would be able to block unwanted callers or switch off the phone during designated hours, such as school time. The technology includes a feature that allows the phone to be used only for emergency numbers.

It comes as Australian children rack up huge debts on mobile phones, with research last year showing nearly 95 per cent of children aged from six to nine use their parents' mobile phone.

By the time they reach the 10-13 age group, more than a third are mobile phone owners and have already developed phone habits that could end in serious debt, the NSW Office of Fair Trading study found."

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