March 15, 2004

Texting sparks affairs

A survey a UK divorce lawyers shows emails, texting and chat rooms make it far easier to be unfaithful, reports the The Sun.

"“It has been our experience that those of our clients who cite adultery as the cause of the breakdown of their marriage find, increasingly, that the new forms of communication have been instrumental in the initial conception of infidelity.”

Survey Stats

-- It found nearly a third of people admitted using the new technology to flirt with a potential partner or to nurture an affair.

-- Of those, 22 per cent confessed to doing so every day — while 62 per cent said they did once a week.

-- One in seven admitted to secretly scanning their partner's emails and phone logs to make sure they were not playing around.

-- And much to their dismay, one in five said they had discovered a flirty message from an unknown source

-- Thirteen per cent of snoops admitted they had found secret texts that criticised them".

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