September 15, 2003

Cellphones speed up urban lifestyle

Howard Rheingold in The describes how cellphones and wireless PDAs are changing the metabolism of cities, with people squeezing even more into their days by being able to make calls, send emails and text messages, etc while commuting or moving about the city.

"As a result of the extra telephone-enabled work accomplished while commuting or moving from place to place within a city, Townsend believes the pace of urban life is quickening. "As every person completes more tasks, communicates with more people, coordinates activities among more social networks in the same amount of time, the aggregate effect is an acceleration of the urban metabolism."

And Gizmodo comments: "We've acquired a bad habit of trying to only make our lengthy social phone calls while we're walking to or from something, like walking to the post office; it's difficult to justify simply sitting around the house, chatting on the phone, when there is so much else (read: blogging) to do".

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