August 5, 2003

SMS with feeling

BT has developed new technology that takes mobile messaging to a new level where "actual emotions can be conveyed between family and friends in a physical and tactile way", according to the The Register.

"Interactive toys would be linked to mobile phones so that SMS communication could be displayed through the toys' actions. For example, if a happy symbol was sent to a toy dog it would come to life and start barking. Or a love message could be sent to a teddy bear, which would trigger its heart to glow and become warm to the touch. BT is currently working with a number of leading toy manufacturers to produce interactive SMS prototypes of some of their most popular toys.

Other applications:

-- Sending emoticons to wearable computers embedded in jewellery. These could then change the colour of the jewellery to show the mood of the sender.

-- And useful, pet substitutes for the elderly, which could "remind them to take their medication at specific times or let them know that someone is thinking about them".

BT's technology brings to (a warped) mind Purring Kitty, written up last April in Wired, an application described as "vibrating pleasure for your mobile". But this is another area all together.

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