emilyturrettini-2.png Textually.org is a network of 3 blogs produced by Emily Turrettini from Geneva, Switzerland

-- Textually launched in 2003 and follows how cell phones are being used around the world.

-- 3DPrintingBuzz opened in November 2012 keeps track of 3D printing news.

-- The Good Drone is my latest blog opened in November 2013 and it follows how drones are being used by civilians, in a good way.

Contact : info@textually.org

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I write articles for the French HuffingtonPost, Swiss economy magazine Bilan and Le Temps newspaper.

Early Days: n/e/tsurf.ch is my website dating back to 1996 when I first fell in love with the Internet. Those were extraordinary times when cyberspace was a new frontier a place where we ventured alone, in bewildered awe and met like minds. A time when "wired" meant being connected and referred to a magazine where every page you turned made your heart beat a little faster.

Co-author with Cyril Fiévet (2004):