Samsung Galaxy S8 Set for Release

We are all aware of how Samsung’s reputation took a hit with the fiasco over their last flagship phone, which was causing all sorts of problems for consumers. The Samsung phone brand needs a massive boost, and they are hoping the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ phones will provide this boost. And if you are willing to pay the massive fee that comes with buying a flagship phone when it is put on the market, you will be able to enjoy the Galaxy S8 as soon as the end of April. And even though some are skeptical of what Samsung is releasing, there are plenty of reasons for excitement.

For instance, the phones are set to feature gorgeous screens, virtual home buttons, a facial recognition software to access the phone, brand new 10nm processors that should boost the speed of applications and games, support for the DeX desktop, and high quality AKG headphones. If you are a smartphone enthusiast, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is set to become the flagship Android phone that you will want to own. Other companies will have their say as the year goes on, but this phone should put Samsung back at the top.

Another unique feature of the phone that we are very excited about is Bixby. If you have never heard of Bixby, it is not surprising. Not much advertising has been done on Samsung’s part regarding their brand new digital assistant. Bixby is the Samsung answer to Siri on Apple and the Alexa assistant you can get with Amazon devices. Instead of going with the digital assistant that is being created by Google, Samsung have decided to go in their own direction. They are hoping Bixby will provide users with another incentive to stick with Samsung phones instead of buying other Android devices.

Virtual reality is another reason why you may want to go with a new Samsung phone instead of the competition. While you can always use a Google Cardboard style VR headset, they are very mediocre in quality when compared to the Samsung Gear VR setup. And while mobile VR does have its set of issues, the S8 is going to feature a much better processor, improved battery life and an even more gorgeous screen. Each of these features means that using the Gear VR, which is available for $100, with the new S8 phones should provide you with an incredible mobile VR experience.

Samsung enthusiasts have so many reasons to get excited about the new phone that is coming out. Not only is the phone going to provide you with some incredible features, but you are going to have access to exclusive features that are not available on other smartphones. Even though Bixby, the Samsung digital assistant, is not 100 percent ready, it should be out by the summer of 2017. And given the fact that you can control every feature in your phone using the digital assistant, the Galaxy S8 could become one of the most feature-filled and consumer-friendly Android phones in the world.