How to Keep your Crawl Space Dry

Maintaining a dry crawl space prevents an abundance of problems for homeowners, but the task is oftentimes easier said than done. The crawl space of your home can become wet, damp, or otherwise moisturized due to weather, improper insulation, dirty gutters, and so many other reasons. Prevention of crawl space issues is the easiest way to avoid the headaches and expenses of repairing damage. If you’re ready to take action against crawl space damage, the tips below can help you keep your crawl space dry and minimize or eliminate any problems.

Wet crawl spaces are a nuisance on many levels. The potential for mold growth is always a concern for most homeowners, as is the worry of foundation and structural issues due to rotting wood and other issues. Wet crawlspaces take considerable usable space from your home and add issues you would avoid otherwise. But, there’s many ways to prevent the issues. Utilize the tips below if you want to maintain a clean, dry crawl space and avoid the headaches associated with dampness and moisture in this area of the home.

Insulate the Crawl Space

Proper insulation prevents air from seeping in or out through tiny cracks and holes in the concrete of the crawl space. If the area isn’t insulated already, a spray foam insulation is an affordable, easy way to prevent troubles and add the protection needed to maintain your crawl space. You can add the spray foam insulation yourself for a few bucks. Professionals can also insulate your crawl space should you prefer their expertise.

Install Gutters & Keep Them Clean

Gutters provide an effective rainwater drainage solution that minimizes risk to the foundation of your home, in turn reducing risk of crawl space troubles. If your home doesn’t include gutters already, it’s time to call a professional for installation as quickly as possible. Gutters . Once installed, ensure that you keep the gutters clean. Should they become filled with dirt, leaves, and other debris, it prevents proper drainage and overflow water issues could soak into the ground, causing issues with mosquitos and other insects, stagnant water, and other problems.

Install a Vapor Barrier

A vapor barrier is easy to install over your crawl space dirt floor. It’s also one of the easiest ways to protect the area from dampness. This is a DIY job or one that the professionals can easily handle. If you opt to DIY, ensure the barrier you create overlaps the seams at least one-foot.

Control Moisture With a Dehumidifier

Controlling the moisture in the air is a huge concern in crawl spaces, and your primary objective when you want to keep the area dry. A dehumidifier is a great weapon to fight back against the moisture in the air. Sold at home improvement stores and via professionals, the dehumidifier keeps the air in the home from becoming too humid. Professional-grade products can be programmed to turn on at specific intervals. The cost of a dehumidifier varies, but many are available to choose from in all price ranges. Compare the options and add a dehumidifier to your crawl space at once!

Final Thoughts

Don’t endure the headaches of a wet crawl space when maintaining the area is so simple. The tips above are a few of the best that you can use to ensure your crawl space is dry and usable at all times. Why risk damage, miss out on areas of your home, or endure expensive repairs when you can take simple measures to keep eliminate any worries with the crawl space?

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