How to Avoid Decal Damage on Your Car

Statistics indicate that on a daily basis, there are over 250 million motorists on the road in America. Most of these cars have a high-value appearance, just to enhance their looks and pass a message. If motorists can’t get the exact color or find it rather expensive to get a new paint job, they turn to customized decals to attain the aesthetics. These labels are often secure and can’t get off even when the car is speeding. However, problems come when the motorist wants to remove them, and if the removal process is not done in the right way, it can easily damage the car paint. This may cost the car owner even more to repaint. So, car owners need to remove them effortlessly by equipping themselves with the effective removing tips.

Here are some of the best practices for removing car decals:

Careful preparation

It is imperative to prepare the window surface for this practice by using a piece of cloth with warm water. Be sure to sweep all around the area that the decal occupies. This will leave you with a clean canvas to work on. You’ll find those tough marks, and using your car window cleaner is advised. The window surface has to be clean – only then will you easily see the spots or leftover residue.

Now Peel Off

Use bare hands to try and peel off the sticker. You should slowly and carefully do this to keep the decal intact and not to rip apart. By carefully peeling off, you will be able to remove large pieces at a time. If the stickers are a bit newer, the process would be much easier, but with older ones, expect them to rip off from time to time. While peeling off a majority of the sticker is not a necessity, it makes the removal of vinyl even easier as you progress.

Get an Adhesive Remover

Get a trusted adhesive remover, and this is why upon purchasing, is advisable to read the safety precautions carefully. Some adhesives such as acetone-based adhesives tend to dissolve the sticker when peeling off, and some models may not be suitable for your car paint. If need be, use a towel or tissue paper to protect the car and help you grab every piece of decal that you scratch off. Once you are done, apply the adhesive on the window and precisely where there are any remaining stickers and let it soak onto the decal adhesive, ensuring it does not stick on your car’s window surface. If it does stick, you will need to apply more of it again.

Now Start Scraping

Get a plastic scraper and start chipping away the remaining sticker. The process should be smooth, and in case it toughens up – it does this often – you will be forced to use an adhesive remover. A razor blade will also do when you do not have a plastic scraper. However, you should be careful not to scratch the window or car paint. Many motorists make the mistake of opting to use steel wool or a nylon scrubbing pad. This can cause costly scratches on your paintwork.

Finally, Clean Down the Surface

Removing car decals is a lengthy but a do-it-yourself task, therefore keenness and perseverance are vital. When you do this carefully, you will be able to achieve a spotless and clean window, ready to be applied with a new decal. When you’re careful with the task, you will effectively remove the decal before using a soft cloth and warm water to wash off the surface. Ensure you wipe it gently and remove the entire residue and obtain a clean finish.

Next time, you may want to purchase sticker shield because they are meant for easier removal of decals without the risk of scratching the car paint. Usually, they create a barrier between the glass or the surface and the adhesive vinyl, and when the removal time comes, the process will be easier and less time-consuming.

Some people also find a hair drier useful in removing decals as they usually warm the sticker up as well as softening the adhesive layer. This has even been proven as a safe way of getting rid of car decals without harming the surface of your car.

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