Bringing the news to our readers is something we had thought about for a long time. There are three of us who setup this website, and we have all spent time working for various newspapers and online news sites. However, we did not feel as though we were doing our best to report the news in an interesting, insightful and unique manner. Instead, if felt as if we were merely regurgitating the same news stories that everyone else was talking about. It is the reason why we decided to create our own news site, where we could have a say in what type of news was put out there to the public.

Our site has been up for a few months now, and we have already received a fantastic level of support from our readers. So many people who had never heard about us or our site came across one of our news stories, and decided to stick around. We are so grateful for the number of readers we get on each story, and we are hoping that we can perform even better in the coming weeks and months. We are increasing the number of freelancers we employ, and we want to cover as many stories in a day as possible. We hope our readers will enjoy our coverage of the latest news, politics, business, IT and lifestyle stories.

The thing about doing the news is that you need to find a way to stand out. And we believe that our reporting achieves this, as we try to take an insightful and analytical look at every news story that we are reporting about. Yes, our readers trust us to get them the facts about a news story, but we believe that our site is about more than pushing our facts about a story that you can get anywhere. We want our site to be about a little bit more than the plain facts, and that is why we work on getting an in-depth look at the subjects of each story we do. We want our readers to not only know what happened, but we want them to understand why it happened and how it will impact the world.