6 Unique Date Night Ideas

6 Unique Date Night Ideas

Going on a date is always exciting and nerve-racking. It can be a fun time when you both get along, and sometimes the activity being done can drastically make a difference on how well the rest of the date goes. There are more things to do on a date than just going out to a movie and heading straight to dinner. In fact, there’s a multitude of fun ways you can spruce up any date with anyone and turn it into an unforgettable night. Whether you have been together for months and years or you’ve only met several weeks ago, try these out.

Volunteer Together

There’s always going to be a place in your community that could use some volunteer help. Whether it’s a local homeless shelter or a place that helps kids with terminal illnesses, you can guys go and make a difference together. It helps your date see the other side of you; the side that’s caring and wants to make a difference. Do a quick search on how you can help out those in your city. You don’t need to donate thousands of dollars to make a difference. Even just an hour or so in a week could make all the difference.

Mini Road Trips

Jump in the car, find a place an hour or two away, and drive off. You don’t need to rent out a hotel or be gone for more than a day. All you need is an afternoon and an evening of fun in a nearby city that you both don’t get to do very often. Mini road trips encourage spontaneity and showcase the fun version of you that are looking to do something out of the blue.

Walking Tour Of Your Hometown

Consider taking your date to a list of places you used to visit growing up. Maybe walking by the house you grew up in, the Church you used to attend, the school you used to go to, and even restaurants or places you used to frequently visit as a kid. This gives your date better insight on who you are and what makes you who you are today. Let your date do the same for you with his or her hometown. It’s such a great way to get to know each other even if you’ve been with each other for a while.

DIY Project

Consider taking a fun little project and making it a goal to do together. Jump onto Pinterest to see some fun things you both can do together. It could involve the two of you painting something, finishing a jigsaw puzzle, or even something as exciting as creating candles or soaps together. There are so many DIY projects that take time to make but can be a great way to spend time together.

Play Tourist

Are there some attractions in your city that you don’t usually frequent because it’s full of tourists? Consider going to these places on a date and play tourist for the night. It’ll help you have a better appreciation for your city and also do fun things that you otherwise wouldn’t do unless you were visiting.

Learn A New Activity Together

There are so many things you both can learn together that allows for you both to spend time and even get the chance to do it again with each other in the future. Consider maybe taking up ice skating, a dance class, photography class, or even a painting class. Do something that gets you both excited to learn something different for a change. It may even spark some healthy competition that brings you both together.

Going on a date can either bring you closer together or keep the relationship stuck where it is. You want to move the relationship further and further into something special down the road, and the key is to utilize different ideas so you can try new things together and keep the relationship fresh. The ideas above will open the door for you to keep your love for each other always on the rise and improving. Take some of these date ideas and roll with it, and maybe mix them up and change them for future dates.

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