5 Things Every Hotel Guest Should Do Before Checking Out

Now that your hotel experience is coming to an end, it’s time to prepare yourself for checkout. Since every hotel is different, it’s important that you review their rules and make sure you stick within their terms, such as checking out on time to avoid penalties. However, to help get yourself ready for checkout, follow these five steps below.

1. Determine Check Out Time

Believe it or not, some hotels may charge you a fee for checking out too late or too early. It’s best to follow hotel procedure and verify your checkout time with hotel staff to avoid any fees or penalties. However, if you’re wondering what kind of restrictions your hotel may have about checking out, we suggest that you look on their online website.

To make sure you check out on time, make sure that you set a few alarms, especially if you’re a sound sleeper. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to pack up and check out with hotel staff, so you don’t have to rush out the door. However, some hotels offer free wake-up service calls, which we highly recommend you take advantage of.

2. Take a Few Souvenirs

If you particularly enjoyed your hotel stay, you should snag a few “free” souvenirs from your room such as hotel pens, notepads, toiletries, slippers, or even the room key card, if you can. Just make sure you don’t take the hotel robes or towels since they’ll charge you for those if they go missing.

3. Scan Your Room

The last thing you want is to forget something in the hotel room. Be sure to scan the room thoroughly to ensure you have not forgotten anything. Look through the drawers and closets. It is easy to put things in a closet or dresser and forget about them, so double check before you go. You should also check around the bathroom for toiletries, beauty tools, and other bathroom accessories. Additionally, you should scan the outlets, shelves, and under the bed. Sometimes, things can roll out of sight or you may have put them in an area that’s hard to see. Outlets are especially important to check since you do not want to forget your phone charger at the hotel.

Make sure that you have your room key in hand, in addition to all of your bags. Often enough, you’ll have to drop off your room key at the front desk and verify your checkout with hotel staff members. You may also need to tell the front desk staff member your room number, so avoid forgetting what number room you stayed in, we recommend writing it down when you make your reservation.

Before leaving your hotel room, make sure that you’re not forgetting anything. The last thing you want to do is leave a personal belonging behind that you won’t be able to recover, especially if the hotel is out-of-state. Make sure that you do at least two sweeps of your hotel room before locking the door behind you.

4. Tip the Housekeeper

Oftentimes, housekeepers depend on tips from hotel guests in order to make up for low wages paid by the hotel. So, don’t forget to tip before you leave your room. If the housekeeper can by every day and made the bed, replaced the towels, emptied the trash, and you are happy with the housekeeping you received, you should leave a tip. This is a great way to show that you appreciate their work. Leave a few dollars for every day that you stayed in the room. Also, make sure you leave your tip in an easy to spot area so the housekeeper does not miss it.

5. Look Over Your Bill

Before you leave the hotel, you should look over your bill thoroughly. If you made a purchase while you were staying in the hotel, ensure the charges are correct. Hotels charge for extras like Wi-Fi, room service, snacks from the minibar, and movies. Sometimes, even hotels make mistakes. Make sure you weren’t charged twice for something you bought or charged for something you did not. Though this can be a nuisance, it will be well worth your time.


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