5 Clever Storage Ideas for Your Home

In many homes, storage can be a major concern. After all, you probably want to keep your home nice and clutter-free, but you might have a lot of “stuff” that you and your family need to store as well. If this is the case, you could be looking for some clever and helpful storage hacks that can help. These are a few clever storage ideas that can help you maximize the storage space that is available to you without cluttering up your home.

1. Hide Things in Plain Sight

In some cases, you can hide and store things in your home while doing so in plain sight. For example, you can invest in a nice ottoman that opens up for storage; then, you can use the ottoman in the sitting area, but you can use it to store things that you don’t really have a space for. If you have lots of big books, you can stack them up, throw a tablecloth over them and use them as end tables in the bedroom or living room. Stashing things neatly under your bed can also be a good way to maximize your storage space.

2. Use Magnets

Did you know that you can use magnets for a variety of different creative home storage hacks? For example, if you attach strong magnets to your spice bottles, you can hang them up on your refrigerator. If you put a magnet strip in your bathroom drawer, you can use it for holding things like hair cutting scissors or fingernail or toenail clippers. You can also use a strong magnet strip on your kitchen wall or in a kitchen cabinet for holding knives.

3. Make Use of Over-the-Door Shoe Racks

Over-the-door shoe racks, which have pockets for multiple pairs of shoes, can be useful for storing more than just footwear. You can also use them for a host of other things. You can hang one up on your child’s closet door as a nice storage space for stuffed animals, or you can hang one up on the bathroom door so that you can store your hair styling tools, lotions and other supplies. You can even hang one up on the inside of your pantry door for holding small food items, such as spice bottles.

4. Use a Shower Curtain Rod in the Cabinets

Shower curtain rods can be used in your cabinets for things like holding bottles of your favorite cleaning supplies. You can even hang one up in your closet and use it for stashing scarves and other items. Just make sure that you secure it steadily in place so that it will not fall down once you add a little bit of weight to it.

5. Use Racks and Shelves in Your Pantry

If you are like many people, you might never feel as if you have enough storage space in your pantry. Luckily, there are lots of organization supplies that you can use so that you can make better use of your space. For example, you can purchase can racks so that you can keep all of your canned goods neatly organized. You can also add in short shelves so that you can store more boxed and canned goods in your pantry than what fits right now.

As you can see, there are a ton of clever storage ideas that you can utilize in your home. If you feel like you are having trouble storing everything in a neat and organized way right now, you shouldn’t worry. Once you implement one, several or all of these tips, you might find that organizing your home is a whole lot simpler than you thought.

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