5 Best Places to Find Genuine Antique Furniture

The saying “what’s old is new again,” has never been more apropos than it is today. In our increasingly modular and disposable materialistic society, there is a brand new resurgence in reclaiming and bringing a little antique uniqueness to a home or business. There are numerous and seemingly endless places to find antique furniture these days, whether it’s online or in person in a small shop. Here are the best places to find genuine antique furniture to add some uniqueness to your home and business.

Adamstown, Pennsylvania

First up is what many consider to be the Antiques Capital of the United States. Home to more than 20 unique antique and vintage stores that offer a varied and incredible amount of choice. From the Mad Hatter Antique Mall and it’s almost bazaar-like quantity of merchants peddling their wares and antiques. After the Mad Hatter, check out Stoudts Black Angus Antique Mall. Not only do they have a varied amount of peddlers and merchants, they offer an excellent beer and cheese selection to keep you full while searching for the perfect antique. It’s best to try to plan a trip around one the area’s many Extravaganza’s as this usually results in even better deals and bargains and a better selection.

Stillwater, Minnesota

Located on the beautiful St. Croix river and just a half hour drive from downtown St. Paul, Stillwater is one of the preeminent antique destinations in the US. Not only do they offer a staggering amount of bed and breakfasts to enjoy while you hunt for the perfect antique furniture. From the Midtown Antique Mall and its staggering display of vendors and furniture to American Gothic antiques and it’s special focus on Civil War memorabilia and antiques. Finally one of their most unique and travelled destinations is Let There Be Lights Antiques and their collection of over 500 antique light fixtures and displays.

Hazel, Kentucky

A trip to one of the smallest towns in America yields a surprising amount of variety of and unique antiques. Having a population of little over 400, there is a surprisingly diverse 12 independent antique shops. From antique clothing stores to furniture only stores, the amount of American and antique history is astounding in such a small town. All the shops are located on the main street making an easy stroll through the town a wonderful glimpse into the past. If you’re hungry, the two restaurants in town offer an exciting side trip down Americana and antique history. Hazel is a small town packed to the gills of antique memorabilia and history.


Founded almost 20 years ago, Ruby Lane is one of the leading antique buying and selling sites online. Featuring over 100,000 different antiques in an enormous amount of categories and times, there is not an antique you can’t find from it’s various sellers. With a network of support from around the world, they offer a unique way to locate and procure the genuine antiques that are desired at a reasonable value. With an easy to use website that is broken down by category and time period, finding what you need is a simple task. Featured frontpage galleries allow for ease of use and to see what is popular and on sale at that very moment.


One of the best auction houses online and in eastern Europe, Lauritz is the preeminent auction site for 20th century furniture. Starting in beautiful Denmark and expanding to 27 locations in five countries, they offer an extensive collection of antiques at unique prices. Broken down into several different categories and by artists, there is a plethora of ways to find what you are looking for. Not only do they have numerous public vendors and auctions, they offer unique access to private collections.


There are many places to get antiques and get them for a great deal. From small towns in rural America to auction houses in 5 European countries, these are the best options to get the genuine articles.

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