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January 10, 2015

Crayola teams with 3D Systems to bring drawings to life

fff656fd1704464dc11c8068a05d0ce6.jpg Crayola has unveiled its latest initiative to bring art and crafts in to the 21st century, allowing kids to virtually animate and 3D print their own artwork. [via Toy News Online]

quotemarksright.jpgThe popular art brand has partnered with 3D Systems to launch Color Alive, a system that utilises mobile apps, photography and 3D printing technology.

Unveiled at CES 2015 - through Color Alive, kids can download a free iOS or Android mobile app in order to photograph any of the images from Crayola’s Color Alive colouring books.

The books retail for $5.99 each and currently include titles such as: Mythical Creatures, Enchanted Garden, Skylanders and Barbie, with more on their way.

Crayola will also reportedly be bringing more characters from brands such as Disney in the near future, according to 3D

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August 21, 2014

MakerBot 3D Printers Used to Create Drug Emitting Implants for Cancer Treatment and Infection


Researchers at Louisiana Tech University are using affordable desktop 3D printers like the MakerBot Replicator to possibly change the way we treat cancer patients as well as those fighting infection.

quotemarksright.jpgThe researchers, which included both faculty and doctoral students within the school’s biomedical engineering and nanosystems engineering programs, worked together to create their own custom 3D printer filament. The team created a filament extruder which has allowed them to make a biocompatible material which can easily be used within a MakerBot Replicator machine, or other affordable 3D printer, that also includes medical compounds such as antibiotics or chemotherapeutic drugs.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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April 25, 2014

DrugPrinter: print any drug instantly

1-s2.0-S1359644614001214-fx1.jpg This paper published in Science Directproposes a 3D-printer-style machine designed to print any drug instantly, at the chemical level. [via adafruit]

quotemarksright.jpgIn drug discovery, de novo potent leads need to be synthesized for bioassay experiments in a very short time.

Here, a protocol using DrugPrinter to print out any compound in just one step is proposed. The de novo compound could be designed by cloud computing big data. The computing systems could then search the optimal synthesis condition for each bond–bond interaction from databases. The compound would then be fabricated by many tiny reactors in one step. This type of fast, precise, without byproduct, reagent-sparing, environmentally friendly, small-volume, large-variety, nanofabrication technique will totally subvert the current view on the manufactured object and lead to a huge revolution in pharmaceutical companies in the very near future….quotesmarksleft.jpg

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September 16, 2013

Print your own drugs!

3D printing might soon allow you to create pharmaceuticals at your desk. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

quotemarksright.jpgIn a TED talk in February, professor Lee Cronin of the University of Glasgow explained the idea he had for taking complex chemistry and turning it into an accessible desktop project.

... The ultimate goal of Mr. Cronin and his compatriots, he makes clear, is to ease research and development of drugs -- and to ultimately print them "at point of need." Pharmaceutical companies will essentially become research outfits that develop new molecules and then sell the software file that people will download to make their medicine at home.

... Mr. Cronin, among others, suggests that controlling the "chemical ink" is the key to preventing do-it-yourself recreational chemistry with 3D printers.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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November 20, 2012

A 3D Printed Vaccine Could Soon Be Reality?

3d-printing-a-vaccine.jpeg Some very interesting research that has emerged recently is focused on producing vaccines using a 3D printer. 3D Printing Industry reports.

quotemarksright.jpgGeneticist Craig Venter — known for being one of the first to sequence the human genome — is working towards a future where medicines and biological structures could be created in digital form, emailed to wherever they are needed in the world and eventually produced using local 3D printing technology.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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October 24, 2012

DNA Pioneer Craig Venter Developing a 3D Printer for Vaccines

injection-3d-printer-printing-craig-venter-biological-vaccine-dna-genetic-genomics.jpeg Geneticist J. Craig Venter told attendees at the recent Wired Health Conference in New York City that his scientific team is working on what he calls “a 3D printer for DNA, a 3D printer for life.” Inhabitat reports.

quotemarksright.jpgSuch a device—which Venter also refers to as a “biological teleporter”—could be used to instantly produce vaccines, medications or biological materials anywhere in the world simply through the transfer of a digital file. Inhabitat reports.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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