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September 16, 2014

(3D) Print the Legend - a Netflix documentary

Print the Legend, the newest Netflix Original Documentary, on 3D Printing. A story of innovation and technology, of controversy and change. Watch the trailer above.

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February 28, 2013

Will 3D Printing Change the World? by PBS

Much attention has been paid to 3D Printing lately, with new companies developing cheaper and more efficient consumer models that have wowed the tech community. They herald 3D Printing as a revolutionary and disruptive technology, but how will these printers truly affect our society?

Beyond an initial novelty, 3D Printing could have a game-changing impact on consumer culture, copyright and patent law, and even the very concept of scarcity on which our economy is based. From at-home repairs to new businesses, from medical to ecological developments, 3D Printing has an undeniably wide range of possibilities which could profoundly change our world.

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January 31, 2013

How 3D printing works

To see how 3D printing works, watch video above from National Geographic posted in 2011.

This video of a National Geographic TV-produced program featuring Z Corporation titled, Known Universe, went viral on YouTube, with over 6.8+ million views.

in a blog post dated July 15, 2011, Joe Titlow, VP of Product Management, Z Corporation wrote:

quotemarksright.jpgBecause this has been the first time so many people have been introduced to this technology, there also appear to be some skeptics. There were some comments professing the technology to be a fake and even insinuating that the video was meant to deceive the viewing public.

As a Z Corp employee and the person who appeared in the video, I can assure you that this video and technology is most certainly NOT faked.quotesmarksleft.jpg

Read more. via Seeking Alpha.

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January 15, 2013

3D Printers Are Changing How Designers Make And Market Art

The Creator’s Project, a video series that looks at how artists are using technology in new ways, recently released a feature on 3D printing.

The video looks at Shapeways in particular as the site has been instrumental in expanding the reach of 3D printing beyond traditional manufacturing. In a way, the site is kind of like the Etsy of 3D printing as designers can sell their creations to the masses.

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January 4, 2013

Best interview explaining 3D printing. Autodesk's Jeff Kowalski talks to Forbes publisher Richard Kaarlgard

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 2.03.25 PM.png

Jeff Kowalski, VP/CTO Autodesk in a video interview with Forbes Publisher Richard Kaarlgard. If you're still new to the concept of 3D printing, Jeff Kowalski explains and demonstates how it works and what the future holds. Best summary of 3D printing ever. How 3D Printing Will Make U.S. Self-Sufficient.

Pictured above an object from the video that came out of a 3D printer, fully assembled, fully formed and functional that works as it was designed to operate in the software.

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January 3, 2013

Wrenches, Records and Violins: 11 Amazing 3D Printing Videos

Social Times has put together a list of some of the coolest 3D printing videos on the web — inlcuding Objet's promo video for their Objet30 Pro printer titled Enabling Dreams To Reality. Indeed.

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December 4, 2012

Video demos of 3 affordable printers

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 9.30.33 PM.png

SupplyTimes has gathered on one page, video demos of 3 affordable printers:

-- The Bukobot on the low end of the price spectrum at $600.

-- The UP! Mini 3D printer for $1000.

-- The Makerbot Replicator for $1,800.

Watch here.

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November 21, 2012

3D Printing the Impossible: A Ship in a Bottle (Video)

This short video shows how an Objet Connex Multi-Material 3D Printer is used to create a classic 'ship in a bottle' model.

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November 20, 2012

From toys to cars - what will you make on a 3D printer? [video]

Just as consumer tech has helped many of us become photographers, DJs and even journalists - could it be about to remove the barriers to production itself. Dan Simmons for the BBC asks whether soon we will be allowed to produce what we want, when we want at home?

A great video explaining 3D printing.

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November 12, 2012

Paul Webber from Tri-Tech explains 3D Printing on BBC Newsnight

An extensive video clip explaining 3D printing taken from the BBC’s recent Newsnight program with Jeremy Paxman.

A great quote from Paul Webber of Tri-Tech

quotemarksright.jpgThis can print the impossible. You can litterally print a ship in a bottle (watch video)... With this type of technology the world is your oyster.quotesmarksleft.jpg

[via Objet]

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April 18, 2012

3D printing, how it works - YouTube

3D printing will soon allow digital object storage and transportation, as well as personal manufacturing and very high levels of product customization. This video by Christopher Barnatt of illustrates 3D printing today and in the future.

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