February 23, 2013

Airbnb for 3D printing, Makexyz links designers to local printer owners

logo.png Makexyz is a 3D printing service with a brilliantly simple premise: Link the 3D printer owners of the world with the designers that need them. Itís like Airbnb or Wheelz for 3D printers. VentureBeat reports.

quotemarksright.jpgHereís how the service works: You sign up, upload your 3D design, and Makexyz will link them to the hundreds of 3D printer owners who can print their objects.

Makexyz creator Nathan Tone says they can print objects for half as much as services like Shapeways. Most printers charge between $.25 and $1.50 per cubic centimeter depending on what material customers would like to print in. (Products at Shapeways start at $0.75 per cubic centimeter.)quotesmarksleft.jpg

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