February 19, 2013

3D Printing makes list of WEF top 10 emerging technologies for 2013

2-150x150.png The World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies identifies the top 10 most promising technology trends that can *help to deliver sustainable growth in decades to come as global population and material demands on the environment continue to grow rapidly".

Listed in 2nd place, 3-D printing and remote manufacturing

quotemarksright.jpgThree-dimensional printing allows the creation of solid structures from a digital computer file, potentially revolutionizing the economics of manufacturing if objects can be printed remotely in the home or office. The process involves layers of material being deposited on top of each other in to create free-standing structures from the bottom up. Blueprints from computer-aided design are sliced into cross-section for print templates, allowing virtually created objects to be used as models for “hard copies” made from plastics, metal alloys or other materials.quotesmarksleft.jpg

via The WEF Blog.

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