February 15, 2013

HBO Blocks 3-D Printed Game of Thrones iPhone Dock

got-iphone.jpeg Wired reports that a tiny, detailed, 3-D printed Iron Throne iPhone dock is no more, thanks to a cease-and-desist letter from HBO, which owns the rights to the Game of Thrones series.

Fernando Sosa, who modeled a tiny detailed 3-D printed Iron throne iPhone dock and listed it for sale on his nuPROTO website, received a takedown notice from HBO, claiming a copyright on the throne.

quotemarksright.jpg “While we appreciate the enthusiasm for the Series that appears to have inspired your creation of this device, we are also concerned that your iron throne dock will infringe on HBO’s copyright in the Iron Throne,” says the letter.quotesmarksleft.jpg

In Michael Weinberg's opinion over at Public Knowledge this appears to be a textbook application of the DMCA takedown process in action., but it also highlights something of a missed opportunity for HBO.

quotemarksright.jpg Industries (music and movies come to mind) initially spent time and money stopping people from making things available online, but spent very little time and money giving people a way to pay for things online.

They have given a number of people who want to pay for an Iron Throne phone dock no way to do so. Long term, that is not a sustainable way for anyone to react to 3D printed disruption.

All of this makes CCIA's Matt Schruers’ question: “where can a geek buy a phone throne?” all the more relevant. If the answer is “nowhere,” then you are doing it wrong.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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