January 31, 2013

How 3D printing works

To see how 3D printing works, watch video above from National Geographic posted in 2011.

This video of a National Geographic TV-produced program featuring Z Corporation titled, Known Universe, went viral on YouTube, with over 6.8+ million views.

in a blog post dated July 15, 2011, Joe Titlow, VP of Product Management, Z Corporation wrote:

quotemarksright.jpgBecause this has been the first time so many people have been introduced to this technology, there also appear to be some skeptics. There were some comments professing the technology to be a fake and even insinuating that the video was meant to deceive the viewing public.

As a Z Corp employee and the person who appeared in the video, I can assure you that this video and technology is most certainly NOT faked.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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