January 26, 2013

How well Objet and Stratasys fit together. They show first 3D printed model using both FDM and inkjet technology

For the longest time, there were two giants in the world of 3D printing Ė Stratasys and Objet. These two companies announced a merger in early 2012, and completed said merger in December. Now the company is combining its forces to continue innovating in the 3D printing space. [ WebPro News via Objet]

quotemarksright.jpgObjet recently showed off a 3D printed card and pen holder thatís made up of two parts. Each part was printed on a different printer from each company, and the pieces fit together perfectly. Itís never explicitly stated, but itís like this particular piece is a metaphor for how well Objet and Stratasys fit together.quotesmarksleft.jpg

emily | 8:13 AM | 3D printers
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