January 21, 2013

Iris van Herpen Ready-to-Wear at Paris Fashion Show

Paris Fashion Week LIVE.jpeg Lady Gaga favorite and Dutch designer Iris van Herpen presented her new ready-to-wear line on the runway at Paris Fashion Week today, tweeted live with pics by @MaterialiseNV.

You can view a preview of the collection and read a write up by BlouinARTINFO. And another slideshow here, from the Examiner. Update Pictures from the runway now available on NowFashion.

Van Herpen has attracted attention from the tech world for her experiments with 3-D printed designs. Her 3D-printed dresses made Time magazine's top 50 inventions of 2011 and her collection has been the subject of an exhibition at the Groninger Museum in Groningen, the Netherlands. As Smart Planet explains:

quotemarksright.jpgHer process begins by sketching clothes via Photoshop instead of on paper, and then she collaborates with engineers at the Belgian additive manufacturing company Materialise –whose other collaborators tend to be biomedical, orthopedic, and industrial companies. quotesmarksleft.jpg

More on 3D printed tech couture on the runway at Fashion Week Paris from VentureBeat and Core77.

3D Printed Dress – The Video and Interview, on the Catwalk, Paris Fashion Week posted by Stratasys

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