January 18, 2013

Nokia offers '3D-printing Development Kit', enabling users to print their own custom Lumia 820 case

nokia-lumia-820-shell.jpeg Nokia is giving 3D-printing enthusiasts a ’’3D-printing Development Kit’’ so they can make new shells for the Lumia 820 smartphones. GigaOM reports.

quotemarksright.jpg...We are going to release 3D templates, case specs, recommended materials and best practices — everything someone versed in 3D printing needs to print their own custom Lumia 820 case.quotesmarksleft.jpg

According to GigaOM, by releasing the 3DK, Nokia is reintroducing that customizability in its hardware and potentially stimulating a whole new ecosystem that may actually feed back to its own internal development efforts — effectively outsourcing rapid prototyping to its customers.

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