January 16, 2013

Turn Your Facebook Profile Into a 3D-Printed Sculpture

MonsterMe.jpeg The Creators Project is launching a series of three new apps that transform your Facebook persona into 3D printable art. Mashable reports.

quotemarksright.jpgBy looking at your Facebook interests, Likes, relationships and status updates, the apps called Monster Me, Crystallized and Astroverb create an abstract sculpture that embodies your online presence.

The project, which is done in collaboration with VICE and Intel, features an app which takes your profile page and morphs it into a real-life mini monster, while another crystalizes your friends network and the other cranks out a personalized zodiac sign based on your online personality.

Although the apps are free, the cost of printing a figurine is about $15.

Each app creates a 3D sculpture, which is printed by Shapeways, through layers of materials such as sandstone and stainless steel. It takes about five minutes to go through the creation and profile analysis process via the apps.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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