December 9, 2012

Pop-Up store 3DEA in New York offers customised 3D sex toys. By appointment only.

ScreenShot2012-11-20at5.22.47PM.png Pop-Up store 3DEA in New York which opened for the holidays, allowing customers to print all kinds of things (jewellery, Xmas tree ornaments, toys...), has also been offering customised 3D sex toys. But by appointment only. reports.

quotemarksright.jpgYou and your loved one will be greeted with champagne and chocolate. After a quick tutorial on how to perfect your scan, you can then enter the ShapeShot 3D scanning booth. The ShapeShot cams will capture you in your full glory and these 3D images will be used to print out a prototype on a 3D printer.

Then the 3D printed model will be sent to New York Toy Collective, a high-end sex toy shop run by Chelsea Downs and Laura Parker. They will then have it replicated in silicon form.quotesmarksleft.jpg

As reported by VRZone, "it's still early days with things like 3D printed sex toys, mostly due to the materials currently used in the printing process and the difficulty in getting a smooth finished product." So this would explain why New York Toy Collective would replicate the scanned part of someone's anatomy to make a silicon version of it.

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