December 8, 2012

'3D Printing Barometer' and '': Apps for testing 3D printing feasibility


Materialise launches "3D Print Barometer" to help manufacturers to identify whether a plastic component is suitable for 3D printing.

quotemarksright.jpg3D Printing Barometer is an online application to test different parts according to size, functionality, series size, etc., and score the added benefit that 3D Printing can offer. It aims to identify where 3D printing technology can really be of benefit.quotesmarksleft.jpg

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-- Stop Wasting Plastic! This Web App Tests the Printability of Your 3-D Designs (Wired), a web app that acts like spell check for the 3-D printed age, aims to alleviate the fears of trying to print an unoptimized design by letting you know how it will turn out before you output it to your printer.

The service allows makers to upload an .STL file and instantly see how it will print on a variety of different machines ó from six-figure pro tools to humble hobby setups. The interface provides a color-coded assessment of the part, visualizations of which parts will be most challenging to print, and even an estimate of the objectís carbon footprint.

This free tool is provided by Econolyst, an additive fabrication company based in the U.K. that provides consultation on 3-D printing to companies like Nike, GE, Bentley, and Airbus..quotesmarksleft.jpg

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