December 3, 2012

MIT Team Uses 3D Printing to Invent the Smarter Baby Spoon

20121202-Spuni-3D-Printing-Baby-Spoon.png A pair of MIT grads are looking to reinvent the baby spoon, and they are using 3D printing to perfect their design. On 3D Printing reports.

quotemarksright.jpgThe product is called Spuni, and it is inspired by how babies eat.

The Spuni team set off to create the perfect design, first creating prototypes in wood and later employing 3D printing to refine the shape and fabricate spoons that they could test on real babies.

Now the team is ready to scale up manufacturing for fulfillment to customers in April 2013. To do so, Spuni is looking to raise $35,000 on Indiegogo. So far they've raised $6,462 with 33 days left.quotesmarksleft.jpg

In their own words:

Spuni is not just a small spoon. Spuni's unique "tulip" profile is designed to trigger the instinctive latching reaction that babies develop during breast and bottle feeding. It allows a baby to suck food off the spoon with less spillover, making each meal a more pleasurable experience for all.

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