November 29, 2012

Check Out Objetís 3D Printed Designs From Euromold 2012

Objet is at Euromold 2012 this week, and has already made headlines with the announcement of its massive Objet1000 3D printer ó 1000 x 800 x 500 mm build volume that will allow creators and industry specialists to create anything and everything. Objet says that the printer will be most useful in in making 1:1 scale models of cars, airplanes, household appliances and much more.

Now the company is on the show floor showing off its latest innovations in 3D printing including a full-size golf club printed on the new Objet1000. WebPro News reports.

quotemarksright.jpg-- First up is a radial engine that was created in a single print job. Itís impressive because it features moving parts that didnít have to be assembled outside of the printer. It also has a level of polish that you donít see in many 3D printed models.

-- Much like its previous ship in a bottle print job, the guys at Objet have also made a black motorcycle encased in transparent plastic. It shows off the Objet Connex printerís ability to create multi-material objects in a single print job.

-- And finally, a full-sized golf club that was printed on the Objet1000. The Objet1000 is a Connex machine so it can print in multiple materials in the same print job. It lets the designers use a rubbery material for the grip, a white material for the shaft, and a light gray material for the clubhead.quotesmarksleft.jpg

Watch all video demos here.

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