November 14, 2012

How 3D printed cars were created to spare the priceless original while filming Skyfall

skyfall-301.jpeg If you thought producers spent millions on James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, which was put through a series of huge explosions and stunts during the filming of Skyfall, including one scene where the priceless vehicle exploded in flames – think again. Zee News reports.

quotemarksright.jpgThree replicas of the classic car were created using a large scale 3D printer for the filming of the latest installment from the spy series.

The models double for the now priceless original vehicle from the 1960s in the film’s action scenes.

According to The Daily mail, the models were made by UK Propshop Modelmakers Ltd, which specialise in the production of film props.quotesmarksleft.jpg

article-0-1600BB12000005DC-905_634x423.jpeg article-0-1600BB20000005DC-612_634x423.jpeg

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