August 9, 2012

3D printer could build a house in 20 hours

Could you really make your own house with a 3D printer in less than 20 hours? Turns out you can, and the technology is now set to be used by NASA for a future Moon colony. Gizmodo reports.

quotemarksright.jpgThe man behind this ambitious housing project is Professor Behrock Khoshnevis, and he’s disgusted that in the 21st century, the world is still ridden with poverty-stricken slums characterised by make-shift corrugated iron shacks. He wanted to find a way to improve the basic concept of house construction so that it was accessible to everyone, because with better shelter comes a more civilised society.

As far as expenses go, the materials for the 3D printed house are projected to cost 25 per cent less than traditional houses and labour costs can be cut in half. In terms of timing from start to finish, Khoshnevis said that “we anticipate that an average house, like 2500 square foot house, can be built in about 20 hours from a custom design”.

The apparatus, instead of being the size of your typical laser printer, would actually be somewhat bigger than the house according to an article in YahooNews and it would build through a concrete layering system called Contour Crafting.quotesmarksleft.jpg

Watch Professor Behrock Khoshnevis TEDxOjai talk.